Your life is supposed to feel GOOD to you!

You are being called to heal from the inside out ... being called to something more than the life you are currently living ... because NOW is your time to fly!

I know how you feel, because I've been there myself. The flame inside of me - the essence of my soul - had all but been snuffed out because I had failed to put my needs ahead of everyone else's. I had bought into the illusions and stories that people had told me over all of the years since my childhood - that there was something wrong with me, that I wasn't like everyone else and therefore inferior, that somehow I was less than and didn't deserve great things in my life.

I made poor relationship choices because I believed that I didn't deserve someone who would truly love me ... just as I am.

I didn't follow my gut because I knew doing so would affect others ... and what would "they" say?

There were words, many words from many people, that stabbed holes in my heart ... until all of those stab wounds combined to become a gaping hole where my heart was supposed to be.

I was, apparently, worthless.

The day came, though, when I knew I had to either choose me first or lose my soul forever. I had no idea what my healing path would look like. I only knew I had to take the first step. 

Go Within

because it is here you will find all that you are seeking. It is your own voice you hear in your dreams. It is time to reconnect with your intuition. You are the one with solutions that will work for you.

You Matter

and you ARE worthy. The time is now to do the work that is required for you to be are able to begin living the life of your dreams. Say yes to you. I believe in you.


is Universal life-force energy that will support you on your journey. Receive the unconditional love and healing that Reiki offers once each week via a free distance session. No scheduling commitments required. Add your name to be included.


Meet your guide

Debbie Hagedorn has been on her own journey to rediscover her self worth and reconnect with a love that allows her to flourish in life on an everyday basis. She wants to help you find this joy that is your birthright ... to elevate love in your world and experience magical transformation ... that you may become all you are meant to be ... like a butterfly!

My Gift

is an intimate connection with Mother Earth, and it is through this connection that I am able help you heal your hurts and learn to love ALL of your life again.

My Tool Shed

is filled with many tools. Just like a garden, your journey may benefit from specific tools that will help you achieve the results you want ... faster. I will share with you the ones you will benefit from the most.

Connect With Me

Are you ready to put yourself at the top of your to-do list? Spend 45 minutes talking with Debbie about how to make this happen ... starting today. It's free!


Rekindle Your Spirit - A Healing Meditation

Give yourself this gift of time - less than 8 minutes - choose you. Headphones or earbuds are recommended, but not required. You are loved.


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