The Power of Your Emotions

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a small ski chalet, that’s where I am sitting as I become vulnerable - sharing my stories, penning my thoughts, and trusting that my purpose (for now) is to help busy moms like me rekindle their inner spark, reconnect with themselves, and make the choice to flourish!

Prior to finding a seat, I’d had to decide between hanging out with my son on the ski hill or writing something that would allow me to connect with you again. It’s been awhile.

I haven’t always made decisions that were in MY best interest, though. A long time ago (in what feels like a galaxy far, far away!), my decisions were made based on how they would affect others. It was the satisfaction and positive emotions of everyone else that mattered. Long story short - the end result of those decisions was my living a life that wasn’t my own. I was far removed from who I was and what it was that I wanted.

Let me reframe that - the life I was living felt like an obligation. It was neither joy-filled nor satisfying.

From where I sit today, what I know for certain is that LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD! Joy is supposed to be more common than not. The satisfaction of knowing that today, and every day, is a good day is supposed to be the norm!

My journey from that obligatory life to one filled with daily gratitude and joy hasn’t happened overnight. In fact, I believe it’s an ongoing, never-ending process that begins with simply taking the first step - deciding you want every day of your life to feel good, no matter what!

Perhaps it’s your time to take a few minutes every day to sift through the emotions you’ve experienced on any given day - and here’s the kicker - with NO judgment. In time, you will recognize that the emotions you feel are your guidance system. If you’re emotions are less than you desire, as the captain of your ship it is up to you to do what feels right to lift them back up to a more positive level - even one small level will help!

One example of that from my experience - when I would recognize that my thoughts (and thus emotions) were hanging out in a negative space, I would simply choose to pivot to thoughts of our dog Acorn running madly in circles with an apparent grin on her face. This thought process worked to bring me back into my present moment - getting me out of my head, so to speak.

This process, over time, will absolutely improve your ability to make decisions that feel good to you and leave you in total control of your life. If you give it your best efforts (which you ARE worthy of), you cannot help but succeed. I am always here, cheering you on, because I believe YOU are worth it!

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