About Us

Having invested time over the last 15 years in learning what I could do to make our home a healthier, happier place to live, I have come to the conclusion that many other families could (and would love to!) benefit from the information I have learned and put to good use.  We ALL deserve to know what's in the food we feed our families.  We ALL deserve good health in abundance! We also deserve peace of mind and a soul that is fulfilled and happy.

I believe very strongly that making healthy choices for your family must be simple before it becomes a habit.  Then, you can take one simple step and make a simple change each week, or even each month, and you and your family will reap both short and long term benefits.

I believe changes will happen more easily if all family members, in particular your children, are involved in the activity.  Teach them, encourage them, build their self-esteem and their healthy habits all at the same time!

I also believe if you keep things simple and encourage a partnership with your kids, everyone will have fun learning to make healthier choices!

My kids and me, we make three.  Currently living in Small Town, Wisconsin, USA, we have set our sights high.  We have BIG dreams!  We are so glad you have joined us on our journey!