It's YOUR time - RECONNECT with YOUR life!

Your flame is growing stronger with every breath you take - and so are you! From within this empowered space, you have the strength to commit to moving forward. Explore this space and use the tools here as you are called to. Working together, let's use the clarity you gain to outline a journey that feels just right for you.

Free Guide: Reflection in the Mirror

How to add YOU to the list of people you love and care for.

Hello, beautiful!

I am so grateful that you have chosen yourself. You are worth this and SO much more! 

First things first ...

What would happen if you just up and decided now is the time for you to go backcountry camping and you simply hopped in your Jeep and started driving? How could you be sure you would end up anywhere near an area of remote-access land instead of the ocean? When you decide to go somewhere you haven't been before (or at least not for a very long while), the likelihood is that you either ask for directions or open your digital map service. You do this to make sure your gonna get where you want to go, because all the right backpacking gear in the world won't be of much use if, when you arrive at your destination, it's lined with concrete walks and there are cabins everywhere.

If you're reading this ...

chances are you have an insatiable desire to move your life in a new (and likely very unfamiliar) direction. Having clarity on your destination as well as an inspired action plan to get there ensures your success! Below you will find an activity that I have put together that will assist you in setting new goals that feel good (your destination) as well as creating the plan (your road map for your journey) that will help you arrive at the right place!


Wheel of Life Activity: Creating Your Road Map

Designed to give you a clear picture of your life in eight important areas, this ASSESSMENT PACKAGE includes the Wheel of Life download (printer-friendly template and written instructions), video training, and a 30-minute session with Debbie upon completion of the activity that will assist you in formulating your personal road map.

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