Finding You

Life … it’s not exactly coming up roses ...

You have dreams that consistently fizzle instead of sizzle. You often wonder why you signed up for “this.” You certainly don’t feel important in any way that matters. You may even feel as though you’re worthless. I understand, because I’ve been where you are.

Free Guide: Reflection in the Mirror

How to add YOU to the list of people you love and care for.

An uncomfortable truth ...

You wear many hats - mother, wife, daughter, sister, chauffeur, cook, nurse, housekeeper, groundskeeper, banker, employee, entrepreneur - but the truth is you are more than all of these combined. It is commendable that you’ve given your all to fulfill these duties as you have been called to.

You’re wondering where to go from here. You know you want to go somewhere, but where? And really, the responsible mom in you knows you’re not actually going to go - anywhere. I’m here to tell you - that’s okay. We can begin to make the changes you are seeking from right where you are in this moment. There is no need to run away, love.

You’ve arrived here in this space because it is time for you to put yourself first. Among so much global turmoil, Divine energy is calling you to live your life from a more sacred space. Now is the time to learn to love and care for yourself again. I am called to help you do just that.

Here's where we can start ...

If you haven’t already, I invite you to download my free guide above - Reflection In the Mirror - which will give you three simple action steps you can take right away that will help you redefine the importance of YOU and allow you to build a strong foundation for the BEST of your life!

A second option I’ve created for you is the guided meditation below - Rekindle Your Spark

Rekindle Your Spark - Guided Meditation

This meditation will assist you in carving a simple eight minutes out of your day … just for you. These eight minutes may be the most important eight minutes you’ve ever spent on yourself.

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